Risk-Free FLEXIBLE Bookings for all of 2020!

Covid-19 has changed the travel industry dramatically, leading to uncertainty for many.
We know that it’s difficult to plan and book holidays when there’s a potential risk that you may not be able to travel later, due to government advice.

*That’s why we’ve introduced risk-free flexible bookings to allow you to make any new 2020 holiday booking with confidence.*

If you make a new booking or have a pre-existing booking that will commence on any date in 2020, at any UTT property, we will allow you to change your dates later, penalty-free if there is government advice against travel either in your home location or the property location.

*This means that you can book your break knowing that your money is safe – a kind of ‘free insurance’ if you like – provided by UTT. This offer alters our standard Terms and Conditions. *

How does it work?
E.g. – you book a cottage for August 2020 in June 2020. In July the government advice is announced against travel for August. You contact us and we allow you to move to new dates that suit you, without any penalty or administration fee. If the new holiday costs more you can add to the original, or we’ll give you a credit note if you take a shorter/ lower-value break.

We ask that any changes are made in good time, and no later than 48 hours before arrival. This is to be fair to our housekeepers.

If you choose to move dates we’ll accommodate changes to any date in 2020 or even 2021. If the new holiday is of greater value you can add to it, or if your new holiday is of lesser value we’ll issue you a credit note for the difference. We ask that you take the new break at the same property (or in cases where an owner owns more than one property you may move between properties). This is so that we’re fair to our owners who need to plan income and investment.

Note – if you have a holiday that is due to commence before 4th July 2020 this holiday will need to be postponed to a later date. Current UK government guidelines state that 4th of July is the earliest date holiday properties will be allowed to reopen to guests.

Diolch yn fawr / THANK YOU for your continued support. We’re working hard to support our customers, staff, and housekeepers in this challenging environment.
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