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Liverpool waterfront architecture

A Victorian estate walk

Around Eccleston on the Eaton Park estate nr Chester. Mostly constructed 1860 to 1900

The Swedish House – a UTT newbuild by the sea

This sorry pile of blocks has been sitting on a beautiful piece of land overlooking the Atlantic for a decade…one of the many projects that froze as the ‘Celtic Tiger’ collapsed in Ireland around 2007. The house was never completed, but eventually the developers who owned it sold it on, and now we hope to […]

an island of traditional cottages

we took a boat over to Gola island in Donegal to see how the vernacular cottages were faring – we go every year to check on them 🙂

A daytrip to an unspoiled island

Lovely Gola in Donegal…just ten minutes off the coast and a great trip if you live traditional architecture. Recommended for any of our Donegal cottage guests.

Some country furniture we admired

All made on Gola Island in Donegal..none of it moved more than a hundred yards.

see UTT HQ – the house we built for our own family

on the shore

A lovely day up the mountain

Spent the day limewashing UTT The Escape – we keep the original stone walls breathable. Took some nice photos too!Stay

Progress at Hollywood House…our newbuild

Overlooking the bay!

Progress at Hollywood House

She’s beginning to take shape