Adding a croglofft window

New window added to give a view of the sea from bed at Miki’s cottage. A good day’s work!

Tiling today!

Going for a classic look with simple white tiles…a grey border…grey grout on 1mm spacers.

Progress at the beach

Today we’re exposing the old firebreast during renovations at Miki’s cottage. We will limepoint it up next week.


Our mountain pod begins!

We’re constructing an exciting underground ‘mountain pod’ that we hope to launch this summer. It’s the first building of it’s type…basically a giant balloon that is inflated, sprayed with structural insulating foam and then converted into a small contemporary cabin with glass doors over the lough view. This is Stage 1 – the inflated balloon, […]

A new loft window

We don’t usually knock holes into cottages….but this small additional window will bring a sea view from bed


Our renovation is at halfway stage and sjould launch this summer.

Another day in the office

Another day in the office ?

Lovely straw thatch on this traditional cottage seen today