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CARE International
UTT is proud to partner with Lendwithcare to help lift some of the world's poorest out of poverty by providing interest-free loans to help them start micro-businesses.

We will match your donation - so your £2 becomes a £4 donation and your £5 becomes a £10 donation and 100% of your donation goes directly to the people that need it - we pay administration costs so that the people that need the money receive 100% of what you donate.

Thank you for helping us to help some of the world's poorest help themselves!

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what makes 'utt' so special?


Under the Thatch provides amazing holiday homes across Europe – simply gorgeous places to stay that stand out from the crowd. We rent out fabulous, quirky places to stay and put profits into our own historic building rescue projects across the continent. We’re currently working in Malopolska (Poland), Andalucia (Spain), Ceredigion (Wales) and Donegal (Ireland), but our next project could be anywhere in the world that we find an amazing building in a wonderful location.

We aim to provide exceptional self-catering holiday experiences in every sector of the holiday market – from top-end luxury to tiny rustic cottages and cabins. We're particularly well known for providing historic and unique properties and for providing some of the best value in the industry. If you're looking for 'modern rustic', then you've found its home Under the Thatch.

would you like to join us?


If you own a special place to stay, and are interested in working together to bring the right kind of guests to your property, then get in touch - our contact details are below. We're always looking for great interiors in fantastic locations anywhere in Europe - from simple rustic cabins to luxurious holiday homes.