Under the Thatch document: How to book

1. Choose your accommodation via our search page
To book your holiday with us first choose which accommodation you wish to stay in. You can find the availability for each of our accommodation in the accommodation detail pages, or you can search for availability across all of our accommodation. All availability is 'live' and real - if it says it is available then it will be and you may book. If your holiday is to start in the next 24 hours then please call the office to book in.

2. Select the 'Number of Nights' for your break

This option is just above the booking calendars on individual property pages. Click the number of nights and then hover over your preferred start date.

Note that in some cases Friday and Saturday nights cost more than other nights of the week and that a 3-night weekend is often approximately the same price as a 4-night break mid-week. The longer you stay, in general, the cheaper the price per night.

The price will pop up in an information box as you hover over the start date. Note that although many properties allow you to start and finish your break on any day of the week, many only provide breaks that start and finish on Mondays and Fridays. On these properties, although you must book your break starting and finishing on a Monday and/or Friday you may in reality use the accommodation as you wish during that period (e.g. many choose to depart on a Sunday evening). 

3. When you've made your selection simply click the start date to book

We apply additional charges for pets, and, depending on accommodation we may charge 8% extra per person after the first two. We do this so that we don't penalise couples for booking larger properties. You'll be given a clear and itemised breakdown before you need to pay. We'll ask for your address and phone number and email, and information about the number staying in your party and any pets. You have the opportunity to let us know about any special requirements you may have.

If you're happy with the price you can move on to booking and payment. We won't alter the price after this stage and there are no hidden extras and nothing more to pay.

4. Payment

Once you have made a reservation we email confirmation, and you have an hour to make payment. If your holiday starts more than 56 days away from the date on which you book we ask that you make a 25% deposit payment (plus the booking fee and Under the Thatch Refund Protection if selected)and the remainder is due at that 56 day period. If you book within 56 days of arrival we ask that full payment is made. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for information about holiday changes or cancellations.

We accept all common debit and credit cards, except American Express. We use one of the world's most secure payment online systems - WorldPay. You will be emailed confirmation as your receipt. We do not charge for debit or credit card payments. The card payment system is handled by a PCI compliant card handling company.

Our systems will automatically cancel your holiday if no payment is received within an hour of booking. Your balance is due by 23:59 on the payment deadline date. We politely advise customers to pay in advance in case their card cannot be authorised on the last day for any reason.

5. Confirmation
Once you've successfully made your booking you will receive an email, and we will instantly update our booking calendar. We'll tell you the status of your booking and what happens next at every stage. Our booking system automatically handles cancellations of overdue payments so do make a note in your diary of when the balance is due; while we don't want you to miss your holiday we can't keep dates booked out indefinitely. You can check your booking status at any time by clicking the my utt link available from our homepage.